treatment roomOne of Heidi's special gifts is being able to connect with someone from afar to administer a healing session. In partnership with Reiki, Heidi is guided by Spirit's leading and her intuition to guide. She is able to pick up on physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as offer comfort and insight both in person and from afar.



Heidi's sessions are personalized and individualized, based on how she is guided by Spirit. She comes in fresh for you and is present to you and what you are experiencing.

Although healings on all levels have occurred and are possible, keep in mind that healing may not necessarily mean curing. Spirit guides Heidi to where the healing is needed the most: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically — or a combination of these.

Distant Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Heidi: $75.00 ($90.00 after 1/1/2019)


  • 1 hour personalized healing session from afar
  • Typed write-up (email or letter) about the session from Heidi for reflection
Online scheduling

Payments are non-refundable but are transferable toward another Reiki session, a distant intuitive Reiki healing session, or a Reiki training.


Schedule & Pay for Distant Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Heidi ($75.00) ($90.00 after 1/1/2019)

6979 University Ave.
Windsor Heights, Iowa


“Heidi's own natural healing gifts are wonderfully enhanced by her desire and openness to be a pure channel for Spirit. So, as a result, both her gifts and her ability to access Spirit will continue to grow and expand exponentially!” —Sandy Brennan, MEd, MSW, LISW

“Heidi has helped me heal from knee replacement surgery and another time from a bad fall. While these were physical healings, such also is helpful at spiritual and emotional levels. I believe in her gifts and admire her openness to teach and share with others. Heidi humbly views herself as the conduit through which higher levels of energy emerge through her to others.” —Maryellen K.